Beach Parking Passes

Beach Parking Passes are needed from the Saturday of Memorial Day Weekend through the Monday of Columbus Day.

Important Reminders

  • Due to the COVID-19 Pandemic the daily parking and beach sticker fees have not been determined.  An information hearing is scheduled for Tuesday, April 7th to discuss the 2020 parking fees and hours of operation.  A pubic hearing is tentatively scheduled for Tuesday, April 21st.
  • Beach stickers for the 2020 season will be available for purchase starting the 1st Monday in May contingent on the Board of Selectmen passing the beach parking policy at the April 21st meeting.  
  • Please watch the Town of Wells Website and Facebook pages for updates on:
    • Beach Sticker Pricing
    • Date Beach Stickers Become Available for Purchase in Person or by Mail
    • Instructions to Request Beach Sticker by Mail
    • Date(s) If Any To Purchase Beach Stickers in Person on a Saturday
People at the beach enjoying the sun

Mail-In Requests vs. Purchasing Passes at Town Hall - Currently Not Being Accepted!

Mail in requests are highly recommended to reduce delay time for you at the Town Hall. Mail in requests will be accepted starting the 1st Monday in May of each year. The benefit of mailing your request is that you will have your passes very early and avoid standing in line at the Town Hall.  Please check back to check when you can submit your request by mail.

Opening Town Hall on Saturday for Beach Sticker Purchases

To Be Determined


Passes will be issued for all who can prove their taxpayer status.

Proof of Residency

  • Property taxpayer.
  • Excise (vehicle) taxpayer.
  • If more than one individual is owner of property "need proof via deed, etc showing all named owners".

Time Share Owner passes are for weeks of "Timeshare" only, not the entire season. The price is the same as everyone else pays, currently the price is $40 per week for 1st vehicle, and $45 per week for each additional vehicle owned for the week that they are occupying the timeshare unit.

Issuance of Passes


  • Name and address on each vehicle must match the name and address where the tax bill is mailed.
  • Must present the vehicle registration for each vehicle that a Beach Pass is wanted for. Stickers being applied for by mail must include a copy of each vehicle registration.

Leased or Company Owned Vehicles

For leases or company owned vehicles where registration is not in tax payer’s name, information must be provided along with the registration that connects the taxpayer to the vehicle, such as:

  • Copy of Lease Agreement or bill with Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) and property owner’s name if a lease.
  • Insurance card with VIN and property owner’s name.
  • Copy of Vehicle Maintenance Record (oil change, etc) with VIN and property owner’s name.
  • Business card that includes property owner’s name and position if registration is in company name.
  • Letter on company letterhead stating vehicle is for exclusive use of property owner for company owned / leased vehicles.
  • We do not keep records from prior years, so this information must be provided even if you received a sticker last year.