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Volunteering for the Town of Wells

Volunteers are a vital and essential part of the Wells community. We currently have volunteers assisting on a number of Boards, Committees and Programs such as the Budget Committee; Planning Board; Harbor Advisory Committee; Maine Healthy Beaches Program; Piping Plover Program.  If you would like to volunteer for a day, evening, year round or seasonally, we have vacancies available. Become a member of the Town of Wells Volunteer Force - your abilities and your passion can make a big difference!  Join your friends and neighbors to make Wells not only the friendliest Town but also the best town to live, work and play in Maine. If you have the time, we've got the place for you!
Current Volunteer Opportunities:

  • Board of Assessment Review - (2) alternate members
  • Conservation Commission - (1) regular member
  • Energy Advisory Committee - (4) regular members
  • Harbor Advisory Committee - (2) alternate members
  • Recreation Commission - (1) alternate member
Programs - Ongoing Availability
  • Docents - Wells Ogunquit Historical Society
  • Friends of the Library
  • Recreation Department
  • Station Hosts - Wells Transportation Center
  • Wells Road Rangers
  • Wells Events Staff Volunteers
Miscellaneous Openings
  • Cable TV-Studio Equipment Operator
  • Grant Reviewer
  • Public Awareness Assistant
Learn more about our boards and committees,  please read their descriptions here. To learn more about our additional volunteer opportunities, please read those descriptions here
  1. Piping Plover Project
  2. Maine Healthy Beaches
The Town of Wells Piping Plover Project has been in force for over eighteen years to help protect the tiny shore birds from extinction. These birds are classified as an endangered species by the state and a threatened species by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service. According to Laura Minich Zitske, Wild Life Ecologist for the Maine Audubon Society, "Wells has not lost a single chick to human action."  In part this was due to over 500 volunteer hours in 2013 and the Wells Project accounts for one-third of the project's total volunteer force.

If you are interested in becoming a Piping Plover volunteer, please call the Town Manager's office at 207.646-5113.  The Plover season starts mid April to mid September. 
For more information about the Piping Plovers in Maine, please view https://maineaudubon.org/blog/2012/07/help-protect-maines-piping-plovers/

2016 Piping Plover Study

2017 Volunteer Appreciation Breakfast

Our 6th Annual Volunteer Appreciation Breakfast was held on September 12th at the Johnson Hall Museum. I'd like to thank all of our volunteers who were able to attend and let all those who were unable to attend, you were missed.

Thank you to our Board of Selectmen - Karl Ekstedt, Kathy Chase, Tim Roche, John Howarth, and Dan Hobbs - as well as our Town Manager, Jon Carter, for making this event possible.

Today we honored 2 Volunteers of the Year for 2017, Dr. Amelia "Amy" Anderson and Ryan Liberty.

Dr. Amelia "Amy" Anderson was honored for her tireless leadership of an amazing team of volunteers on the Wells Library Board of Trustees, the Friends of the Library, and so many others who made the current library expansion a reality. She and her team raised 1.2 million dollars for the library. Amy has helped hire 2 library directors, created the trustee handbook, and established policies for the efficient operation of our library.

Ryan Liberty's maritime passion led him to the Wells Harbor when he moved here almost 6 years ago. Another tireless leader, Ryan orchestrated Wells HarborFest which just enjoyed a very successful 5th year. He added Beer, Bean-hole Beans, and a Band 2 years ago to make Wells Harborfest a fun filled weekend for residents and visitors alike. Still looking to enhance our Harbor, he created the Wells Harbor Facebook page and this year, with the help of Wells High School, started an annual Harbor Art Contest to make the canisters at the harbor true works of art.

These are just two of the wonderful volunteers who help to make our Town the best place in Maine to live, work, and play. Without the knowledge and skills each one of our volunteers possess and freely give to our Town, we just wouldn't be the Wells we all know and love.

Special thanks to Dr. Jo Johnson for opening her heart and doors to the Johnson Hall Museum. What a perfect venue to honor all of our volunteers. Special thanks also to Gina and her wonderful staff at Above & Beyond Catering for serving up a fabulous breakfast buffet to all of our guests.

Cindy Adamsky,
Volunteer & Events Coordinator