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Monday, September 23, 2019, 7:00 PM
Littlefield Meeting Room, Town Hall
208 Sanford Road






September 9, 2019 draft meeting minutes

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Parker Ridge Subdivision

Parker Ridge Development, LLC, owner/applicant; Norm Chamberlain of Walsh Engineering, engineer; Leon Blood of Lower Village Survey, surveyor. Subdivision Pre-Application to amend the Parker Ridge Subdivision by creating 10 new lots/dwelling units on the remaining land (Lot 4). The new lots/dwellings are to be residential cluster development lots and are to have street frontage off of a new private roadway. The development is located off of 506 Quarry Road and is within the Rural District. Tax Map 37, Lot 6. Workshop Town Attorney Legal Opinion, consider possible receipt of the pre-application, consider scheduling a site walk

2020 Distillery

Dexcon, LLC, owner/applicant. Civil Consultants, agent. Site Plan Amendment Application to change the use of the property to include 5,805 SF Manufacturing/Warehousing use; 1,125 SF Business Office use; 40 seat, 1,000 SF Standard Restaurant use; and 120 SF Fast-Food Restaurant use. Accessory retail is also proposed. The property to also construct 22 additional parking spaces and increase lot coverage. The property is located off of 596 North Berwick Road and is located within the Light Industrial District. Tax Map 40, Lot 3-3. Workshop completeness, compliance and Findings of Fact & Decisions for possible approval

Fairway Village Subdivision

York Building and Design Center, Inc. owner; Attar Engineering, agent. Preliminary Subdivision to subdivide 132 acres into a 53 dwelling unit Multifamily Development Major Subdivision. The dwellings are proposed to be age-restricted (55 years or older). The parcel is located off of Fieldside Lane off of North Berwick Road. The parcel is located within the Rural District. Tax Map 32, Lot 13. Workshop Preliminary Findings of Fact & Decisions for possible approval

Getchell Hill Subdivision

Clayton Abbott, owner; Attar Engineering, agent. Final Subdivision Application to subdivide 50 acres of land into an 18 lot Residential Cluster Major Subdivision with private 50’ wide ROWs and Open Space. The parcel is located off of North Berwick Road and is within the Rural District. Tax Map 32, Lot 5-A. Workshop Completeness and determine a Final Public Hearing 

Highpine Village

Highpine Properties, LLC and Dwight & Janet Weaver; owners; Highpine Properties, LLC, applicant; Attar Engineering Inc, agent. Preliminary Subdivision Application for 120 dwelling units on approx. 555 acres of land. The subdivision to be a Multifamily Development with internal roadways and Open Space. The development is located off of 2335 Sanford Road. The development is located within the Rural, Residential A and Residential Commercial Districts. Tax Map 60, Lot 18; Map 60, Lot 17-A Receive Preliminary Subdivision Application and workshop completeness and consider scheduling a Preliminary Public Hearing



SRC & CEO site plan approvals