Civil Rights Officers

Maine’s Civil Rights Officers are the backbone of the civil rights enforcement system in Maine. It is the responsibility of the Civil Rights Officer to be trained, to maintain that training, and to identify, investigate, and report all civil rights complaints to the Attorney General’s Office. The Civil Rights Officer also has the primary responsibility for ensuring that all complaints are investigated, and to work with the Attorney General’s Office to ensure that all investigations are thorough. 

When our agency receives a complaint, the case officer investigates the complaint. If there is a need to further investigate as a civil rights complaint, we liaison with the Attorney General's Office with a designated civil rights officer. 

Our current Civil Rights Officers are:

  1. Captain Gerald Congdon
  2. Sergeant Chad Arrowsmith
  3. Sergeant Christopher Baez

That Maine Attorney General's Office can provide additional information on the Maine Civil Rights Act and frequently asked questions.