Planning & Development

Supportive Services

The Wells Planning & Development Office provides staff support for the Wells Planning Board, Staff Review Committee and Comprehensive Plan Re-Write Committee. The Ordinance Review Committee has not met for some time and will not meet again until the Board of Selectmen determine their review is necessary.

Department Responsibilities

The Planning & Development Office is responsible for the review and notification of all site plan and subdivision applications. The Planning Office also provides support for site plan and subdivision plan inspections and violations, ordinance amendment research and implementation, GIS mapping support, in-house and third party engineering review services, and can help answer your questions if you are looking to develop property in the Town of Wells.

How can we help you?

Who would review your Site Plan Application? 

 The Reviewing Authority Char (PDF)t tells us.

What zone is your property located in? 

 The WebGIS site shows you. 

Wish to comment on a project?

This form can be used to submit a comment.

Ordinance Change Proposals

When the Board of Selectmen decide to pursue changes to the the Land Use, Subdivision, Streets & Sidewalks and other applicable ordinances the Planning & Development Office is often tasked with the job to research and draft the text or zoning map changes. The Planning Office works with the Planning Board and Board of Selectmen to finalize ordinance change proposals for consideration at the June or November Town Meetings. 

Zoning Maps