2005 Comprehensive Plan (Adopted)


The 2005 Comprehensive Plan is the result of almost 2 years of work by the task force, staff, and the Southern Maine Planning and Development Commission. This plan has been reviewed by the State Planning Office and found to be consistent with the Growth Management Act. This plan was accepted at the April 2005 Annual Town Meeting and replaces the 2002 Comprehensive Plan. Below are the various documents which comprise the plan, plus additional information related to the plan.

Comprehensive Plan Improvement Task Force - Resolution to Forward to Town Meeting 03-08-2005 (PDF)

State Planning Office Consistency Review Letter 03-02-2005 (PDF)


The purpose of the Comprehensive Plan is to document the Town’s commitment to achieve a vision. The Comprehensive Plan reflects a long-range (e.g. ten year) view of future issues and opportunities. Issues are identified, projected and options selected to set a course of action. These decisions are the basis for policies and implementation programs.

The adopted Plan is used by citizens, elected officials, Town Committees, business investors, and others. They use it to make daily decisions about the issues and opportunities that shape the Town’s physical, social and economic development. It is used to establish the legal foundation for several implementation programs and activities including, but not limited to the Town’s land use regulations. While the Comprehensive Plan is not a zoning ordinance, land use regulations must be consistent with the Plan.

In addition, the Comprehensive Plan’s purpose is to implement Maine State Planning Law and related state and regional development policies.