Parking & Traffic Committee

The Board of Selectmen establishes an ad hoc, advisory Parking and Traffic Committee to review and recommend parking and traffic control changes in the coastal areas of Wells (Drakes Island, Wells Beach and Moody Beach). The purpose of the committee is to review the seasonal coastal parking and high traffic areas from Route One to the ocean regarding 1) adequate handicap parking and locations; 2) traffic congestion abatement ideas and pedestrian – vehicle safety concerns and recommendations including signage and pavement marking; 3) overnight parking issues on public beach roads; and 4) Chapter 212 (Vehicles and Traffic) amendment recommendations.

The Committee will be made up of no more than 9 members appointed by the Board of Selectmen. The Board of Selectmen will assign one member(s) as a liaison. The Town Manager, Police Chief or designee and Town Planner / Engineer will also work with the committee.

The duration of the Committee shall sunset by 6/30/20.

Parking and Traffic Committee Report