2016 Comprehensive Plan Re-Write (Not Adopted)

Purpose of the Re-Write 

The Town of Wells embarked on the development of a new Comprehensive plan for the community from 2014 to 2016. The purpose was to re-write the adopted Comprehensive Plan that was completed by the Town in 2005. 

A Comprehensive Plan’s purpose is to document a Town’s commitment to achieve a vision. The Comprehensive Plan reflects a long-range(e.g., ten year) view of future issues and opportunities.  Issues are identified, projected and options selected to set a course of action. These decisions are the basis for policies and implementation programs.

The State’s Municipal Planning Assistance Program did approve the 2016 Comprehensive Plan on September 25, 2017 based on the revised plan submission date of 9/11/2017. Municipal Planning Assistance Program 09-25-2017 Approval Letter

However, the Comprehensive Plan Re-Write Committee (2014-2016) did not vote to move forward with the Plan and therefore could not be considered by the Board of Selectmen or at Town Meeting. The 2016 Comprehensive Plan Re-Write was not adopted by the Town of Wells.

View the Full Version of the 2016 Draft Comprehensive Plan Update

Strategic Plan Summary Section: Pages 1-116

Inventory Section (Reference Documents): Pages 117-844

(Last Updated June 29, 2018)2016 Comp Plan Update Cover

2016 Comprehensive Plan Survey

2014 Comprehensive Plan Survey