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Executive Assistant: Erica Dube: (207) 646-7912 edube@wellstown.org

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Please fill out application below and email to employment@wellstown.org


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About Wells Lifeguards

Wells lifeguards, under the supervision of the Fire Chief, watch over the tens of thousands of visitors to our beautiful beaches from June through September. The Town is looking for certified lifeguards every spring to work the summer season.

Working as a lifeguard offers numerous positive outcomes, including:

  • Job satisfaction: Lifeguards play a crucial role in ensuring the safety of others and can feel a sense of pride and fulfillment in their work.
  • Physical fitness: Lifeguards are required to be in good physical condition and can benefit from the physical demands of the job, such as swimming and rescue exercises.
  • Skill development: Lifeguards have the opportunity to develop and enhance their rescue, first aid, and CPR skills.
  • Career growth: Lifeguards can use their skills and experience to advance their careers within the aquatics or safety fields.
  • Teamwork: Lifeguards work closely with a team of fellow lifeguards, as well as, Wells Fire, Wells EMS and Wells Police, providing opportunities to develop teamwork and communication skills.
  • Community involvement: Lifeguards have a large presence in their community and play a critical role by promoting water safety and helping to prevent accidents.

The average work day at Wells Ocean Rescue consists of:

  • 7:45AM- Arrive at work (lifeguard shack)
  • 8:00AM- PT
  • 8:45AM- prepare work supplies for the day
  • 9:00AM- On stand, on duty
  • (at some point during the day, you are allotted a 45 min lunch break)
  • 4:00PM- Leave the beach and head back to the shack to clean and get ready to be sent home
  • 4:30PM- Day is complete.

Our Beaches

In the Town of Wells there are 3 beaches open to the public. They are:

  • Crescent Beach
  • Drake’s Island
  • Wells Beach

Moody Beach is private.

Burning Regulations

Remember, there are no fires allowed on the public beaches. Residents and occupants of Moody Beach are allowed fires with a special signed form available at the Public Safety Facility located at 1563 Post Road, Wells, Maine. Please contact 207-646-7912 for more information. 

Helpful Resources

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Prohibited Beach Activities

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