What are the Requirements and Process for Pinning Footings/ Foundations?
1. The following criteria will be used in the review process in determining those projects that will need to be pinned prior to pouring concrete for footings/foundations.
a. Projects with structures that are within five feet of any setbacks/buffers.
b. Projects with structures that fall within a specified building window/envelope that is within five feet of any specified control points/lines within the building window/envelope.
c. Projects that have required building to building distances.
d. Projects deemed by this office as necessary based on the above factors, and or past practices, as well as for any projects where a distance or factor warrants consideration.

2. The following outlines the process for compliance this office is requiring.
a. Prior to pouring concrete the footing/foundation will be pinned and clearly marked by a professional Surveyor/Engineer.
b. A formal letter from the individual or company who pinned the site is also required. The letter must be on company letter head, and signed. The letter should indicate the Map/Lot, address/location of where the work was completed and a brief statement indicating work completed; referencing the site pinned meets all required setbacks as outlined on the plot or site plan that was submitted for the project.

3. If a Code Enforcement official arrives for a scheduled inspections and the site is not pinned, and the letter has not been received the footings will not be inspected, which could delay your construction schedule, plan accordingly.

4. This policy has been in place for some time now, and is typically stated under the Zoning and Planning conditions of a permit. For all projects that have had Planning Board/Staff Review approval this condition is also noted on your approved site plans.

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