How do I Recycle?

Residents are required to purchase a roll of Pay-As-You Throw bags. These bags are orange in color with the town seal imprinted on the side of the bag. Bags are available in 3 sizes:

  • 15 gallon for $8.00 for a roll of 5 bags
  • 33 gallon for $10.50 for a roll of 5 bags
  • 45 gallon for $20.50 for a roll of 5 bags.

Bags must be tied shut with nothing sticking out. Bags must then be brought to the Wells Transfer Station for proper disposal. An attendant can direct you to the appropriate area for trash disposal.

Large waste and bulky items that do not fit in the orange bags are subject to extra fees. An attendant must evaluate the item, determine a fee and receive payment prior to placing the item in the disposal area.

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4. How do I Recycle?
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