When is a Building Permit Required?

• Construction or alteration of any building or structure
• Installation of a swimming pool of any kind
• Demolition of a structure (Hazard determination may be required)
• Change in use or occupancy to include change of use of unit/building or Tenant fit-up
• Buildings and structures moved into or within the Town of Wells
• Interior alterations
• Installation or replacement of a sign or banner prior to it being errected
• Plumbing work
• Window replacement
• Sheds and decks that are moved, built or rebuilt
• Driveway openings may require permits for one of the following: new, relocated or altered

The Code Enforcement Officer will not act upon any application for a building permit until all required documents or other permits which may be required by the Zoning Ordinance, and other local ordinances, or under State or Federal law/ regulations have been received.

Each application for a building permit shall include:
• Plot Plan - drawn to scale showing and stating the dimensions in feet of the lot;
location and size/dimensions of all buildings proposed, existing, moved, or
demolished on such lot, indicate distance from lot lines to buildings; show street(s), alleys or right of ways on or
adjacent to the lot; wetlands and any other water bodies, indicate with an arrow the direction of North (N)
• Statement of the use intended to be made of any buildings and the lot itself even
in event of demolition
• Scope/description of work to be completed
• Drawings/Plans;
- New Structures/Dwelling units require a full set of Architectural drawings, and an 8-1/2 x 11” copy
- Smaller scope projects require a drawing/sketch with details and dimensions/materials to be used
• Copy of deed (if property is bought or split within two years)
• Bill of sale (if bought within two years)
• Square footage of all the work to be completed on a provided “square footage sheet”

Additional documents or requirements that may be requested and or needed.
• Wastewater disposal system documentation i.e. Septic design or Sewer District, (connection approval)
• Water Test indicating water is potable on the property if project is a new single family dwelling in a subdivision
• Height and/or Elevation Certificate completed by a licensed Surveyor/Engineer
• A letter stating that the Foundation was pinned by a licensed Surveyor/Engineer
• If the property is in a Flood Zone a DEP Permit and/or flood permit may be required
• Sprinkler Systems requires two sets of plans from the designer of the system if it is part of a subdivision
• Demolition of a building will require all taxes to be paid on the structure prior to demolition approval
• If installing LVL or Steel Beams, Truss rafter systems, engineering specifications are required
• Sheds, if manufactured (store bought), a copy of design specifications
• For subdivisions, owners/contractors must refer to the site plan notes for additional requirements

If you are not sure what will be required for your project, please call the Code Office at 207-646-5187.

The information above is based on the most frequently asked question to the Code Enforcement Office

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